WTGS Fall Symposium Meeting Sept 27th-28th 2017 in Midland, Tx
  Crown has a booth always wonderful meeting. Place: The HorseShoe Arena. Come see us.

AAPG MidContinent Section Meeting Oct 1st-3rd 2017 in OKC, OK
  Crown has booth #67 at this great section meeting. Venue at the Cox Convention Center. Come to this one folks!

Pacific-Rocky Mountain Section Meeting 2016 in Las Vegas, NV
  Crown had a booth at this combined section meeting. Great venue at the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

West Texas Geological Society-Permian Symposium 2016
  Crown exhibited in the Horse Shoe Arena-Midland Texas. Great event and well attended. Met with many current clients and made new connections.

AAPG ACE 2016 in Calgary, Alberta
  Tracy was able to attend. Overall low convention attendance in Canada, but many great technical sessions and posters available.

Tulsa Geological Society Black and Gold Golf Tournament April 2016
  Crown entered a team and all had a great time.

AAPG Southwest Section Meeting in Abilene April 2016
  Great networking and technical sessions. Met some great folks. Thanks for stopping by our booth.

  We attended the annual in Houston and presented our new DQMS demonstration instruments for the first time. Thanks to Future Geological Technologies and INFICON for helping us with thses demonstrations.

H2S Monitor Ability Update
  We have often been asked to provide low-level H2S analysis in concert with our standard analysis. We have worked this out to the extent that we can help to not only detect H2S but to also help diagnose true H2S from "false positive" readings using a combination of DQMS and a separate H2S meter. With both you get better insight.

We have not changed our safety policy in that our H2S detector practice precludes anyone using our abilities directly as an imminent danger detector.

Web monitor updates
  Jim Soule has been developing our next sample flow monitor. We will now have interactive signals and cell phone notification of errors.  Jim has finished the prototype stages and we will soon finish implementing the program. With quicker (immediate) problem notification we will be able to improve our service record even more.

Mobile-friendly companion site
  We have launched the mobile device/ smartphone companion site. You can use this site to quickly access phone numbers, etc. from your web-enabled and smart phones or PDAs. Check this out at .
Shale production character models
  We have been working on data presentations that suggest reliable gas composition estimates may be made for shale laterals such that eventual production character can be modeled with our mudgas data. The mudgas HC ratio data conforms to published contour maps for  produced gas BTU values in the regions we have examined. Contact Bruce for discussion if you are interested in this.

24/7/365 Quality Assurance Program
  We have added new staff who work the overnight hours here to keep constant vigil on all of our field operations. These guys review the status monitors all night every night. We are able to cut down our error detection time and thereby cut down overall error response time. We think we have the best program in the industry, incorporating aspects of unmanned and aspects of manned operation to achieve the best possible cost to benefit picture for our data.

Constant Flow Gas Extraction

We are proud to offer another innovative development from Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. Known as The Gas Cannibal (tm), this system self-regulates for fluid height using depth sensors and pneumatic adjusters. The sample quality improvement  is dramatic for gas sample regulation in problematic shale shakers, etc.

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